Welcome to Maranatha in Thorpe

This series of short bible readings, reflections, poetry and prayers is an opportunity for us to journey together through the festive season and hear again God speaking to us, at a time of real challenge for many.

Fr. Damian Harrison-Miles, Vicar of St Mary’s, Thorpe

Christmas 2020 will be like none before, and I’m sorry if my saying that has come as a surprise – you have probably guessed that much already. For many in our community there is great uncertainty right now over work and employment, housing and bills, food and even if there will be a turkey to put on the table.

For our part at St Mary’s we are doing all we can to support our schools and the local food bank and to reach out with love to the elderly, housebound and vulnerable.

This will also be a time of change for the church as we re-work our Christmas services to maintain social distancing and come to terms with just 40 people physically present in the building and unable to sing.

These changes feel like a bereavement for many – but are nothing compared to the seismic loss that the death of loved one due to Covid, or such loss of anyone has upon our lives and by extension community and social networks.

So, we begin this series Maranatha, praying come Lord Jesus, come amid our fears and struggles to comfort and bring hope. Lord we seek your guidance and love, to renew our hearts, our lives and our faith.

You can follow all of Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus on this website.

We’ll try to post additional resources to complement each reflection, allowing you to deepen your faith.

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